Volunteers play such an important role in our children's education. In order to protect and assure the health and safety of our students, the school district has established guidelines for volunteers. Any individual who will be with students needs to go through the volunteer clearance process. The volunteer clearance process must be done ANNUALLY. FULLY READ ALL PAPERS (front & back), COMPLETE APPLICATION, and HAVE ALL DOCUMENTS W/ YOU WHEN SUBMITTING.

Download the Dingeman Volunteer Clearance Packet Information Page

Please bring the following to the front office:

  • Complete "School Volunteer Application". This is done ANNUALLY. Volunteer Application

  • Tuberculosis Testing (TB) - All volunteers are required to provide one of the following: proof of a negative TB test, *Chest X-Ray, Blue Card or Active Duty Military ID. If your last TB test was prior to 6/11/10 it will exp/has exp; you need to be retested. Please SAVE a COPY or ORIGINAL of your TB Result for the next school year. You will need to resubmit your TB result with a new volunteer application annually.

  • Valid Identification: Driver License (preferable) or State Identification Card.

  • Read Volunteer Screening Requirements and if applicable complete "Request to Conduct Volunteer Screening" by the SDUSD School Police Services. 5th grade overnight field trip volunteers will need to fill out a "Request to Conduct Volunteer Screening". "Request to Conduct Volunteer Screening" forms are available in the office upon request.

  • Overnight field trip volunteers DO NOT need to be re-printed IF their original fingerprinting was done between September of 2009 and now. If the original fingerprinting was done within that time frame AND it was done at the district office (no other Live Scan venues are accepted), simply fill out The "Request to Conduct Volunteer Screening" form and check the "Returning Category D Volunteer- Criminal Background Check" box. The "Request to Conduct Volunteer Screening" form MUST be filled out and sent to the LiveScan office. This form can be faxed to the LiveScan office for the background check and clearance, or the school is happy to turn it in for you. However, if the volunteer HAS NEVER been fingerprinted by the district, they MUST go to the LiveScan office and get fingerprinted prior to participating in an overnight field trip.

Incomplete Volunteer Clearance Packet will NOT be accepted

You will be notified if you have not cleared or more information is needed. If you do not hear from the Volunteer Coordinator within 21 days of submitting your paperwork you are cleared.

All volunteers must sign in/out at the front office and wear a volunteer sticker whenever on campus. If you have not completed the volunteer clearance process you will be considered a "visitor" on campus and will not be permitted to work directly with children or go on field trips.

Thank you for taking the time to volunteer!

Donna Rezanka, Elementary School Assistant
[email protected]

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